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20 mg

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Q: How many mg of Pravastatin would equal 10mg of Crestor?
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How much is crestor 10mg in mercury drug?


How many 1mg attivan would you have to take to equal 10mg Valium?


Does 10mg equal 100mg?

One hundred milligrams does not equal ten milliliters. One thousand milligrams equals one gram, one gram is equal to one milliliter.

What is the mg conversion of methadone to Oxycontin?

10mg of methadone is equal to 80 mg of oxycontin

10 mg tablet is suggested mcg dose?

10mg is equal to 10,000 micrograms (mcg).

Is 10mg stronger than 200mcg?

Yes, if you mean is 10mg more weight than 200mcg. 10mg is equal to 10,000mcg so by weight 10mg is 50 times heavier than 200mcg. The way you word your question is a bit confusing though. I am not totally sure what you mean by "stronger". I hope you really meant "more", in which case I answered your question.

11 cg is equal to how many mg?

11cg is equal to 110mg (10mg per centigram).*Centigrams x 10 = mg*Milligrams/10 = cg

How many mg is equal to 27 cg?

27cg is equal to 270mg (10mg per centigram).*Centigrams x 10 = mg*Milligrams/10 = cg

Dosage states 10mg-kg weight what is the dosage in ml-lb?

1kg = 2.205lbs So the dose would be 10mg/2.205 lbs

Is oxycodone equal to or lesser than Oxycontin in strength?

It would depend on the dosage and type of pill. A 60mg Oxycontin, two 30mg Roxicodones, or six 10mg Percocets all contain the same amount of oxycodone, but the Oxycontin get's absorbed at a slower rate. In theory they would be of equal strength but Oxycontin would twice as long.

How many 250 mcg lutein tablets to make 10 mg?

40 tablets of 250mcg each to equal 10mg

Need 10 mg of medicine How many 5000 mcg tabs do you need to take?

You need two 5000mcg tablets to equal 10mg