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78 million thousaand

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Q: How many land fill sites are there in England?
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What kind of sites can you visit in England?

See the Related Link.There are far too many sites to list here.

How many landfill are in North Carolina?

there are 12 different land fill in n.c

How many main land regions does England have?

46 counties

How many land regions does England have?

The United Kingdom has four regions. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is Englands landforms?

England is a country with many diverse land formations. There are lakes, beaches, hills, and mountains in England.

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How many tones soil required to fill ten feet depth in one acre land?


What will happen if you only use non renewable resource?

The problem with using non renewable resources is that they build up and up in land fill sites taking up room. Many non renewable waste has killed animals as the get tanglend in the watse or eat it

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Some words that en with land are island and highland. There are also many proper nouns that end in land, such as England and Ireland.

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Four Hundred

Many Catholics in England supported King Charles 1 and she rewarded them with land in America What colony was founded on that land?

The colony of Maryland was founded on that land in America.