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Well....Teenagers 13-16 need 10 hours of sleep... This can also make you grow

and girls you want breasts at 11- 16 you would have to drink about 4-5 cups of 3.6% of milk a day

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Q: How many hours of sleep does the average teenager get?
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How many hours of sleep should a 13 year old girl get who plays sprts everyday?

average reccomended sleep hours for a teenager is 9 to 10 hours.

How many hours sleep does a teenager need?


How many hours of sleep per day on average does an armadillo get?

they get 15 hours of sleep

How many hours does an average monkey sleep a day?

8 hours

How many hours does the average Germans sleep?


How many hours did people sleep in 1900?

People in the 1900s slept an average of nine hours a night. In the 1970s the average amount of sleep was down to seven hours.

How many hours of sleep on average does a child get on school nights?

Children should get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night, but, on average, children normally get about 9 hours of sleep on school nights.

How many hours of sleep does an average 6th grader need?

An average 6th grader needs about 9-11 hours of sleep per night for optimal health and development.

How many hours of sleep do you?

Sleep requirements are dependent mainly on age and activity level. A baby normally has around 12 to 14 hours sleep; a teenager (12- to 17-year-old) should have 9 to 10 hours; an adult can normally get away with 8 hours of sleep.Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. If still tired they should sleep even more.normally eight hours

How many hours of sleep should an average 13 year old get?

7-9 hours

How many hours of sleep does the average 15 year old require?

8-9 hours

How many hours of sleep do your eyes require?

The Amount Of Sleep Your Eyes Need Each Day Is Twelve Hours For An Average Woman/Man.