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Q: How many extra people are there every minute?
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How many die in the Philippines every minute?

every minute 3 people dies...

How many people are born every minute in Asia?

many people are born.

How many people dying in every minute in India?

why the hell do you care

How many questions are on the earth?

People are coming up with questions every minute.

How many disabled christians are there in America?

No possible way to know, people die every second, people get disabled every minute.

How many babys are born in one minute?

As of June 2015, statistics say 267 people are born every minute.

How many people were dying every minute during World War 2?


How many people death a day?

they say usually about 1 person every minute.

How many people die every 3 years?

how many people under 30 years old die every minute? 1000

Do people get kill?

People die worldwide every minute, from many causes. Unfortunately, it happens way too much in this world.

How many car crashes per minute?

There is at least 1 car crashes every minute meaning that 60 people die in an hour and 1440 people die everyday from car crashes.

How many people are born one day?

4.1 births every second. 245 every minute 14,698 per hour this means ==352,755 people are born every day== 10,759,033 a month and 129,108,390 are born every year