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Q: How many ecstasy pills is concidered trafficing?
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How many ecstasy pills is a boat?

1,000 pills

How many ecstasy pills is a felony in Minnesota?


How many can you take before you over dose on ecstasy pills?

it all depends on you as a person.

How many ectasy pills is 4.5 pounds?

There's no way to truly tell because all ecstasy pills weigh a different amount. I suggest taking 1 ecstasy pill, weighing it, and then multiplying the weight until you get your answer.

Is PCP found in ecstasy pills?

What is sold as ecstasy on the street rarely contains pure MDMA. Instead, there are often many compounds present, one of which may be PCP. However, the exact composition of street ecstasy pills can vary widely.

How many ecstasy pills you need to roll?

One is all it takes. If you take more it will only increase your roll.

How can you look up the different kinds of mdma ecstasy pills and tell which are the best?

You can't it's impossible many people add food colouring powder to pills to make them a certain colour so you can't tell by colour the only way you can tell is by getting an ecstasy testing kit off the Internet or by sending off the pill anonymously to an ecstasy testing research centre. I know that the website is synonymously linked with an ecstasy testing centre.

How many types of ecstasy pil?

If you mean how many types of ecstacy pills are there, there are quite a few actually coming in all shapes, sizes, color, and imprint. You can find some on that's where I find all the info about my pills...

How many ecstasy pills it take to equal an ounce?

It would depend on the size and potency of the pills, as well as the weight of each pill. It is not recommended to try to equate the two, as they are different substances with different effects on the body.

Can ecstasy take one day to feel?

No, definitely not, not the peaking at least. Many people can feel it the next day or even week but that's just the affects of being on an ecstasy high. Unless they're really crap pills in which case you're probably not going to feel them at all

How many holes does 8 ectasy pills put in your brain?

ecstasy doesnt really put holes in ur brain just depletes seratonin levels but seratonin recharges after a while

What is ecstasy cut with?

Ecstasy is the slang word for MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Most ecstasy pills nowadays are laced with other chemicals so the drug dealers can make money. The most common drugs to lace Ecstasy with are MDA, MDEA, Meth, Caffeine, Speed, BZP, or DXM (main ingredient in cough syrup). Heroin or Cocaine would NOT be found in ecstasy pills because they cost more than MDMA and would be losing money.