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No. Don't be stupid. Don't get high, or at least don't ask at WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers does not support illegal abuse of drugs or alcahol. Don't

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Q: How many daytime cold pills get you high?
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What are devil pills?

devil pills are what many people refer to as triple c's,coricidon cough and cold or red devils and skittle people use them to get high mostly teens but many adults to the high is somewhat like LSD acid and other physcodelic drugs

How many pills of 15 mg does one take of Dexedrine to get high?

I took 1 and nothing happened

How many promethazine pills does it take to get you high?

wont work no amount will....need prometh mix w codeine

How many grams of pills are in a tablespoon?

Pills come in many sizes

How many ecstasy pills is a boat?

1,000 pills

How many Benadryl does it take to get you high?

whydoes the dogs breath smell like poop

How many dormin pills to use on a gram of heroin?

50 pills

How many MG are in 29 pills that are 20mg's?

Simply multiply the mg's by the amount of pills. 20mg x 29 pills = 580mg in 29 pills.

What shows are the most popular on CBS daytime?

CBS daytime has many popular shows. Two of their most popular daytime shows include "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful", both which air on weekdays.

How many pills of equate extra strength pain reliever would it take to get high?

You don't get high on Equate pain reliever- it is acetaminophen (Tylenol). Take too many, and you will get sick or die. Incidentally, that happens to a lot of people trying to GET high. Poor choice on your part.

How many pills equal to 120 quarts?

Pills come in different sizes.

How many bupropion pills does it take to get high?

We are not here to advise people how to abuse drugs. Taking any drug that has not been prescribed for you is foolhardy and dangerous.