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She has 4 Children.

4 son's and no daughters

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3 sons

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Q: How many children did Ruby Bridges have?
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When did ruby bridges have children?

Yes, Ruby Bridges had three siblings. They were Micheal Bridges , Malcolm Bridges, and Joana Bridges.

Ruby bridges favorite thing to do?

Wats Ruby Bridges children names

How many children were in Ruby Bridges classroom when she was in first grade?

Ruby Bridges was the only student in her Grade 1 classroom with Ms. Henry.

What was ruby bridges accomplishments?

She changed the lives of many African American children.

Does Ruby Bridges have any girl children?


Ruby bridges children?

She has 4 sons

How many brother and sisters did Ruby Bridges have?

Ruby Bridges had four brothers and sisters Ruby Bridges had four brothers and sisters

Do Ruby Bridges have children?

yes, she has 4 sons

How old is Ruby Bridges children?

thay are 11,5,8,and 9

Did ruby bridges write any books?

Yes, Ruby Bridges wrote many of books her most famous ones are I am Ruby Bridges and Through My Eyes.

What is ruby bridges sister name?

Ruby Bridges came from a family of four children. She had two brothers but only one sister. Her only sisters name was Michelle Bridges.

Who were the children of Charles Henry Turner?

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