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There are two fat pads over muscles that make up the buttocks.

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Q: How many buttocks does a person have?
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Do buttocks dance?

The buttocks can wiggle and jiggle when a person dances. The buttocks do not dance--they don't have that ability.

What is Fannie?

A fanny is a person's buttocks. Buttocks ("butt") or fanny includes both cheeks, thus, every person has one fanny.

What supports the weight of the body when a person sits?

Their buttocks

What is a ba-donk-a-donk butt?

It means the person they are referring to has larger than average buttocks and most times is used in a way that indicates the person is attracted to the buttocks.

What is a fanny?

In British English, "fanny" is a slang term for a woman's genitals. In American English, "fanny" is a slang term for the buttocks.

Can a paddling really bruise a person's buttocks?

Sure, if you do it hard enough.

What is a badunkadunk?

A badunkadunk is a vernacular slang for a person's buttocks, particularly of a woman.

Can an average person bite their own buttocks?

No, most people do not have the flexibility to do that.

What is a moko?

it is a tattoo found on the face,arm,thigh,and buttocks of a Maori person

Is it common for men to play with their buttocks?

Playing with one's buttocks can be a personal behavior that varies from person to person. Some men may engage in this behavior while others may not. It is not necessarily common or uncommon, but rather a personal preference.

What are blubberbutts?

It means the person you are referring to has buttocks that are rather flabby or loose and has a larger butt.

What is a butt-slapping?

A butt-slapping is an act of slapping of a person's buttocks, usually out of jest.