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An average resting respiratory rate for a human is 16-20 breaths per minute with increases for activity. So...23040 to 28800 breaths in a 24 houur period. This does not take into account any normal daily activity.

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Q: How many breathes does a person breathe in a day?
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How many times does a person breathe when one is resting?

The average person breathes 12 - 16 times a minute. Assuming that you stayed at rest for an entire 24 hours, the average person would breathe 20,160 times a day.

How many times are dogs supposed to sneeze a day?

Definitely a lot. I found out that on average, dogs can breathe 15-30 breathes in just 1 minute!

How many times a human breathe in a day?

An average human breathes some 10 times per minute, 600 times per hour, or 14,400 times per day and 5,256,000 per year. If we assume that each breath contains one liter of air, then simply human inhales some 14,400 liters of per day. Air is composed of about 16% oxygen, of which about half is exchanged for carbon dioxide during each breath. Then this means an average exhalation of some 14,400 x 8% = 1150 liters of carbon dioxide per person per day.

What average adult breathes?

If you have become an advanced enough adult, you don't breathe at all. It takes much practice and soul searching in the mayan mountains of chipigrudipupa. Maybe one day you will be as good of an adult as I am.

How much oxygen does a person consume in a day?

A grown human breathes about 7.2 kilograms of oxygen in a given a day. This may vary based on the activities that they are engaged in.

How many times does an athlete breathe in and out in a day?

23000 times!

What is the amount of air an adult breathes per day?


Does pudding breathe?

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On a average you breathe 24000 times a day how many times do you breathe in a hour?

well, if there are 24 hours in a day... I'm assuming it would be 1000 times an hour jackass.

How many times you breath a day?

well adults breathe 18,000-30,000 a day so 10,000 for me

How many times do you breath in a day?

about 1000 times a day

How many times a day dose a dog get abused?

Every time you breathe.