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It's possible to have many "birthmarks". Much depends on the definition of birthmark. For example, most people have some "moles" on their skin, but unless present at birth these are not really "birthmarks". "Classic" birthmarks (ie brown, black, red/ pink or blue/ grey patches present at birth) may occur as "multiples" - sometimes a larger mark may have smaller "satellites" nearby. The "Cafe au lait" mark can occur as a multiple - if someone has 5 or more such marks this MAY indicate certain neurological conditions.

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Q: How many birthmarks can one person have?
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Why do we have birthmarks?

There are two main types of birthmarks, which have different causes: Vascular birthmarks happen when blood vessels don't form correctly. Either there are too many of them or they're wider than usual. Pigmented birthmarks are caused by an overgrowth of the cells that create pigment (color) in the skin.

Do American Indians have birthmarks?

do Hopi tribe Indians have birthmarks

Are moles bigger than birthmarks?

Generally birthmarks are larger

When was Birthmarks - album - created?

Birthmarks - album - was created in 2001.

What is birthmarks?

birthmarks are a rare skin disease, it usually happens in the whom

Do Birthmarks tan?

Yes, birthmarks do tan. If you have a birthmark you must be careful of this. Birthmarks are more likely to contract skin cancer if in the sun excessively without sunscreen.

Where is the most common spot birthmarks are located?

Many people have red or pink birthmarks on the back of their heads and/ or necks, and many newborns of Asian ancestry have blue or greyish "Mongolian marks" at the base of the spine or across the buttocks. Brown birthmarks frequently occur either on the torso or on the lower half of the body, especially on thighs and buttocks.

Is it common to have two birthmarks?

It's not uncommon - I have a brown birthmark on one of my buttocks, and a reddish mark on the back of my neck. I also have about 50 small moles on my body, although having appeared later in life these are not really "birthmarks". My wife also has two birthmarks - a purple patch at the base of her spine, and a faint "cafe au lait" mark on the jawline. I have noticed that many other people have more than one birthmark, and most people have at least 10 moles on their bodies.

Do goldfish have birthmarks?

A 'birthmark' is something that happens to a baby as it is being born. Goldfishare not born. They are hatched from eggs. They can therefore not have birthmarks.

How do you remove birthmarks at home?

It is impossible

Do everybody have a birthmark?

No, birthmarks are not common.

Do the Jonas Brothers have Birthmarks?

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