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I don't know the exact number, but my mother took about 20 of them and it killed her 2 days later. Very sad. Don't do it!

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Q: How many baclofen does it take to od?
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Is a Baclofen 20 mg a narcotic?

Baclofen is not a narcotic, but it does have many side effects and is sometimes used for opiate withdraw.

Can you take baclofen and addrerall together?

i just did, so if i die, i'll make sure to come back and tell you.

Can you take naproxin with baclofen?

yes you can i have back pain and going for x rays tomorrow and temporary my doctor gave me 500 mg of naproxen and 10g of baclofen.

What is the percentage of the amount of people that OD in the U.S.?

Given that many people do not take drugs, and amongst those that do, most do not OD, the percentage is 0%.

Is Baclofen a narcotic?

No. Baclofen is a muscle relaxer and an anti-spastic agent.

Can you take baclofen and flexeril together?

Yes, although a higher dose of baclofen may be better for you than the combo.

Can baclofen be taken with hydrocodone?

Baclofen used for muscle spasms does contain codeine.

Is there any treatment for spasms in paraplegia?

Oral drugs such as baclofen can be taken, or in more extreme cases, a baclofen pump can be implanted to deliver baclofen direct to the spinal cord.

How long does baclofen stay in your system?

The muscle relaxer baclofen is usually out of a person system within 24 hours. If a person has been taking the drug on a regular basis it could take several days for the drug to leave the system.

Can you take Demerol if you are allergic to Demerol?

c2-a cascade diclofenac/baclofen/cycloben/lc help with a bruised rib?

Who makes baclofen?


Why would the OD light blink 3 times at take off on a 1996 Thunderbird V8 4.6?

You have a proble with the OD. Take it to a professional.