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6mg pills have to take to total 150mg.

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Q: How many 25mg pills would you have to take to total 150mg?
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Will overdosage of donormyl 25mg pills kills a person?

yes right amount of 25mg of Donormyl will kill a person

How many pills of benadryll will be an overdose?

i took 4 25mg benadryl pills, do i need to go to the hospital

How many 25mg atenolol would it take to overdose?

Non-lethal, mild overdose: 7 pills.

How many 25mg promethazine tablets are lethal?

I had some before and I didn't know what the hell was wrong but I did hallucinate allot! I took 3 of the 25mg and then up the dose to 4 and I was wired. But doing stuff like closing my eyes just for a second made me feel wheezy like I'd fall out.

How do you get high on diphenhydramine?

how to break down 25mg pills diphenhydramine hcl so that i can shoot them up

Is a 25mg cream equal to a 25mg pill?

It would obviously be equal in weight, but it would not be equal in efficacay as the cream would need additional ingredients to form the base of the cream, which means less active ingredients present in the 25mg.

Can you over does on 4 extra strength acetaminophen pm pills and what could happen the pills r 500mg of acetaminophen and 25mg of diphenhydramine HIC?

I know from experiance, YES you can. Don't try it buddy.

What percent of 25mg is 25mg?


What is 25mg and 25mg add up to?


What do Bronkaid pills help with?

Bronkaid Tablets contain 25mg ephedrine sulfate and 400mg guaifenesin as active ingredients. Their purpose is to restore free breathing and loosen phlegm.

Show me a picture of a xanex pill?

there are different kinds of these in particular this is a xanie bar this xanie is .05mg this xanie is .25mg with the diff types there wiil be diffrent looking pills

How much benzodiazepine is in 25mg Alprazolam?

An awful lot! If combined with an opiate, alcohol or barbiturate, 25mg of alprazolam (Xanax) is enough to kill you. Taken in isolation, 25mg. of Xanax would induce semi-coma and possibly death due to apnea.