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You will survive 8 minutes. At the end of 8 minutes, the last of the light from the sun will be gone and the world will end.

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Q: How long will you survive without the sun will you?
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Can mold survive without the sun?


Can a plant survive without sun?

Sun yes. Light no.

Could frogs survive without energy from the sun?

No. Frogs would not survive without energy from the sun. A frog's food source depends upon the energy of the sun for its food. Without the sun, the frogs would not have food.

Can a wasp survive without the enegry from the sun?


How long would you survive on the sun?

you wouldn't even be able to get to the sun

how long do you survive without sleeping?

Not long

How long can someone survive without energy?

You need energy to survive, so you cannot survive without energy.

Could plants survive without sun?

All living things need the sun to survive in one way or another. All "natural" energy on Earth comes directly from the sun. So, to answer your question, plants could not survive if there was no sun.

Can organisms survive without energy from the sun?

not really cause plants grown from the sun and water but mostly the sun and the sun helps the plants grown so then the plants give energy to animals so the animals will live so no organisms can not survive without energy from the sun

Can people survive in the Sahara desert without water?

Not for very long. People cannot survive for very long without water, anywhere.

How long can you survive without any liquids?

You can survive 2-3 days without any liquids

How long will humanity survive if the sun dies?

8 minutes