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I think itwill take a year before you start losing weight or increasing in weight.

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Q: How long will it take to start losing weight after excrsising?
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Which ADD medication makes you lose weight the most and how long will it take to start losing weight?


How long after you start dieting do you start to lose weight?

It takes at last 3 days to start losing weight. But now a days dieting is not advisable. There are other exercises & diet change options which can help you losing weight. Thanks Ben

How long does it take to start losing weight after a workout?

If you keep to a routine exercise plan and eat a well-balanced diet, a healthy weight loss is 2 pounds per week.

How fast do you lose weight on the flatbellysolution?

The flatBELLYsolution will not cause you to lose weight faster than normal. It is a guide instructing you to improve your nutrition and reduce your caloric intake. Losing weight takes a long time.

If you drink 86 oz. of water a day with no solids how fast can you lose weight?

This is a VERY unhealthy thing to do; don't do it and don't encourage anyone else to do it. This is not a way to lose weight; it is a way to start a weight yo-yo process that will do you great harm in the long run. If you think losing weight is a good idea for you, check with your physician, counselors, parents-- several people, and then do it in a responsible way.

I would like to start my own help group with a weight loss program.?

Weight Watchers has been proven to be beneficial to losing weight in a healthy manner that is based around lifestyle changes. These changes will help you improve your health in the long run. There is a newer program out there promoted by Self Magazine that uses many of the same principals as Weight Watchers that you could also check out.

Is dieting alone good for weight loss?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight by dieting alone. However, the long term ability to keep it off or continue losing will cease.

How long will it take a person to realize that he or she is losing weight by eating right and excersising?

A girl can usually tell by the decrease in her bust size.

What affects do the tape worm do to there host?

They feed off the food that the "host" would consume, causing them to grow very long if left untreated. The host will eventually start losing weight, and even feeling sick. Tapeworms need to be removed asap

Please do not give any health information about what can happen - but how long do you have to starve yourself before you start losing weight?

Though dangerous, starvation (no food or caloric intake at all) can result in weight lossin a few days. Severe calorie reduction (below 1,000 calories a day) will technically "starve" the body, and result in weight loss after about 10 or so days.

Which Asian foods for quick losing weight?

Only eating fruits or vegetables or some Asian foods or taking diet pills are not very effective actually to lose weight no matter how long you want to lose your weight.

Does weight watch indeed help in losing weight?

Weight watchers is a highly attended and successful program for long term weight loss. Now they offer both classroom settings and online weight loss programs. Check our for more information about their diet options.