How long time should we sleep?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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The average is 8 hrs of sleep will make you awake enough to go outside... etc. It is still OK if you sleep more than 8 hrs, but remember you won't regret it when you can't sleep at night!

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Q: How long time should we sleep?
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How long do you sleep How long do you think you should sleep?


Is it dangerous to not sleep for a long time?

Sleep deprivation is not good for you in the long term

How long should you sleep with a electric blanket?

You should never sleep with an eletric blanket.

Should I sleep after you eat lunch?

it is okay to sleep after eating dinner as long as you give some time to digest the food you have eaten.

How do you sleep for a long time?


what time should i sleep?


What time should an eight year old child sleep at?

They should sleep at 9:35pm.

What was Kumbhakarna's strength?

He used to sleep for a long time. The longer time he sleeps, the large stength he gets. He will sleep for a long time and he'll get power of some elephants.

The best time and how long to sleep to get a good sleep?

The best time amount of time for someone to sleep is 10 hours. Your body needs the sleep, and without it, it won't funcution as it's supposed to.

How long after you can sleep on your cartilage piercing?

If the pain of sleeping on it is tolerable then it should be ok to sleep on it.

What time should a teen go to sleep?

A teenager needs 8 1/2 to 9 hours sleep a night to be able to function at their peak so they should go to sleep at a time that allows them to get that much sleep.

Was you wrong for making your fiancé sleep on the couch after insulting you for weeks?

no. i had a fiancee that later became a husband and then and then an ex husband that insulted me for a long time. i never made him sleep on the couch, but i should have.:)