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The length of the foreskin can vary widely. Some mens' foreskins don't fully cover the head of the penis when it's not erect. Some mens' foreskins completely cover the penis when it's not erect, and some mens' foreskins cover the head and hang down half an inch or more past the end of the head. All are normal. Just like there are various sizes of penises, there are various amounts of foreskin.

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Q: How long should your foreskin be?
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What is a long foreskin?

By examination of the word 'long' one would assume the question is referring to a foreskin greater than average. Average foreskin covers the glans of the penis completely when soft. When erect average foreskin typically slides back and exposes some if not all of the glans. If a man has 'long' foreskin, by description alone it suggests that the foreskin is of a greater/longer amount than average. Some men with longer foreskins can have an erection with no exposure of the glans. In other cases the foreskin can be long enough to cover the glans during erection with excess at the tip. Typically the position of the foreskin is dependant upon the elasticity and size of the frenum, which attatches the foreskin to the underside of the glans. The more flexible and abundant the frenum is, the more likely the foreskin is able to slide up and down.

What could happen if a boy's penile foreskin is forced back too early?

The foreskin of an uncircumsized newborn should NEVER be pulled back; it is a myth and it is dangerous to do this. It should never be forced back by a parent, no matter what the reason the parent has. Keep your hands off of it. Tissues of the glans penis and of the covering foreskin are not yet differentiated, and the foreskin should be left alone. Some physicians consider that an unretracted foreskin can be normal and non-problematic even as late as puberty. Yes, there can be problems with the foreskin, but pathological phimosis (a medically problematic unretractable foreskin) is virtually NEVER a competent diagnosis at birth.AnswerThe foreskin does not retract at birth. Forcing it back at this age can cause tearing and scarring meaning it will be difficult to retract in the future.

If an errection is a boner then what is it when your penis gets really long and the foreskin comes off the head of your penis?

When you have an erection the penis also become longer. The foreskin is not always long enough to stretch all the way.

Your foreskin joining the head of the penis is cut and you are not able to move your foreskin back and the color of the penis head and the foreskin is pink in color where as i am black in color .?

If your black it should be kinda red when hard and if it is cut that means your circumsized

Where is the foreskin supposed to be Should it cover the head?

It covered the head

What does it mean if the foreskin around your urethra starts to bleed?

There is no foreskin around your urethra. In the male the urethra finishes at the ending of the glans of the penis. If your foreskin starts to bleed then you have obviously damaged it somehow and if you dont know hoe it happened you should see a doctor about it.

Is it must that foreskin should not attatch to penis when age goes?

No the removal of the foreskin is an ancient religious or tribal custom that has no good reason to be done. as a matter of fact it is a harmful practice.

Accidentally rolled back foreskin should this individual get a circumcision or roll it forward again?

Roll it forward if it's the normal way for your foreskin to be. No need for a circumcision unless you have pain.

When is medical care required for phimosis?

If the foreskin cannot be pulled back into place treatment should be sought. If the blood flow to the penis is restricted then emergency treatment is required and if the foreskin cannot be pulled back a surgical cut to the trapped foreskin may be needed

Does the foreskins supose to go behind the nob?

Normally the foreskin is supposed to lay on top of the glans (nob), but it should be easily retractable. It is retracted in order to clean under it, and to have sex, but otherwise it should remain over the glans. If a foreskin remains retracted too long, it can cause reduced blood flow to the tip of the penis which may cause tissue damage or even tissue death.

What is should you do if your penis has a lump where you grip it too hard and have too much foreskin?

If your penis has a lump, you should see a doctor. You can't really have too much foreskin. Many mens' foreskins hang down past the head, and this is very normal.

What is a camels foreskin called?

The camel itself is a foreskin.