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You should wait until you are sure they are don't vomiting. After that, give them small amounts at a time. Water is good for sickness, but if they can't keep even water down, you may just want to let them rest. But, still make sure to keep them hydrated so that the vomiting doesn't increase or they don't get a headache.

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Q: How long should you wait to give a 6 year old clear liquids after vomiting?
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How do you counter act chocolate reaction in dog?

Take your dog to the vet, they may have to induce vomiting or give liquids.

Your brother is vomiting very violently What should you do?

Help him and give him water. To sip not gulp. And tell him to sit up.

What should you give someone to drink after they have been vomiting?

Saline water should be given to the patient who is vomitting, in some cases if the person has faced severe vomitting then we should first provide the medicine then give him/her ORS water.

What should be done for a 2 year old who has been in the heat and is now vomiting?

If my toddler was vomiting from the heat, the first thing I would do is give her cold water to drink and take her to the emergency room immediately.

Can you give kids Gatorade after vomiting?

yes give it to them so they die faster

What kind of treatment should my neighbor give her daughter to treat diarrhea?

Make sure you give her plenty of liquids, especially like Pedialyte. Avoid juices or other heavy sugary liquids. Don't stop even after stool is solid for one day.

How to relieve vomiting that is caused by Levodopa?

give Domperidone

Should Gatorade be drunk for a colonoscopy for someone with congestive heart failure?

No, the doctor will not give him Gatorade for preparing for a colonoscopy. At the visit before the colonoscopy, he will be given very specific directions as to what to eat and drink the days and night before. If he follows those, he should be fine after the procedure. Usually clear liquids are recommended, and Gatorade has coloring.

What is key skill?

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What can you give a cat to make it stop vomiting?

sea food

Can you eat raisins if you are on a diverticulitis diet?

The diet for a person with diverticulitis should be plenty of clear liquids and low-fiber foods which is intended to give the gut a chance to rest. Fresh fruit is highly recommended, but raisins, which are dried grapes, should be avoideduntil the physician or registered dietitian allow it to be included back into the diet.

What CAN you GIVE you give a dog that has eaten a frog?

A visit to the vet if he begins vomiting or acting strangely.