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The whole point of you doing this is so she can have a orgasm, is it not? So until then. She can teach you how she masturbate.

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you should finger a girl for a good five and half/ six minutes.

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any age is fine as long as you are ready and she wants you too AND WASDH YOUR FINGERS BEFORE because if you dont she might get an infection

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Q: How long should you finger your girlfriend for?
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When should you finger your girlfriend?

Only when she wants you to.

What age should you finger your girlfriend at?

This is something you should ask her. She might not be into it.

Should you finger your girlfriend at the age of 12?

No! Sex should not be a thought at the age of 12...

What should you get your girlfriend 4 Christmas?

a big gigantic rock on her finger and say will you marry me

Do you finger your girlfriend with the whole of your finger or part of it?

all of it =] depends what she likes

How long after dating a guy should he ask you to be hes girlfriend?

If you are dating then by definition you are his girlfriend.

You want to finger your girlfriend Should you use a condom?

no don't were a condom just stick your willy in her dick and have sex! that simple

Is okay to finger your girlfriend?

if she agrees to it yes

How can you get your girlfriend to finger herself in front of you?

Ask her to.

How long should you kiss your girlfriend?

5 hours

How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?

Answering "How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?"

How long should it take a guy to separate from girlfriend?

As long as it takes to inform her.