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It should take someone only 20 minutes to a half an hour to clean a bathroom. Unless it's REALLY messy!

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Q: How long should it take someone to clean a bathroom?
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How often should you clean the bathroom cup?

Get disposable Dixie cups, or clean it once about every two days. After a couple of hours, bacteria populates water quickly. So as long as you don't leave water in there 2-3 days should be good.

What can you use to clean hair out of a clogged bathroom sink?

a 1/4" snake approx 25 ft long

How long did someone go without going to the bathroom?

Lewis Payne (a.k.a Powell) went 35 days without going to the bathroom. He was a Lincoln Conspirator.

Can you silver plate right over bronze?

I would hire someone to do it. But you should be able to as long as you clean the bronze allowing the silver to coat the bronze.

What material is used in bathroom fittings?

According to me, brass material is used in bathroom fittings. People should choose the right quality bathroom fittings in order to get long lasting durability.

How long should you stay clean of marijuana?


How long should pool vacuum operate?

Long enough to clean the pool.

How long for someone with 15 percent body fat to get clean?

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What is the past perfect progressive tense of clean?

had been cleaningExample: When I asked my little boy why he was in the bathroom for so long, he said he had been cleaning the windows!

bathroom ventilation fans and fire hazards?

Bathroom ventilation fans are indeed a fire hazard. They are generally unsafe if you leave them on for way too long.

Which one is medical recommended pee standing up or sitting down?

in a public bathroom, standing up There is no medical recommendation on this as long as the toilet is clean. If it's not you can squat.

How long should a plumber take to replace a bathroom faucet?

About one hour unless it is a really unusual situation