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usually two (2) working days to a week ..depends on the laboratory schedule and how soon the doctor needs it

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Q: How long should colon polyp biopsy reports take to get back?
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How does a biopsy diagnose colon cancer?

The diagnosis of colon cancer is actually made by the performance of a biopsy of any abnormal lesion in the colon. When a tumor growth is identified, it could be either a benign polyp (or lesion) or a cancer; the biopsy resolves the issue.

What happens to a benign colon polyp that is only partially resected?

is a colon resection recommended for sessile -flat polyp

Is a 6 cm polyp on your colon considered large?

Had a colonoscopy this week, and my doctor said that a 12mm colon polyp is considered medium size.

Where can you get polyp?

A polyp can grow on any mucous membrane. This includes the vocal cords, colon, stomach, uterus or nose.

What is Sigmoid colon post polypectomy tattoo?

The previous removal of a polyp in the sigmoid colon has left a mark on the skin.

Where can one find colon polyp?

A person can typically find colon polyps in the colon, which is in the large intestine. The cause of most colon polyps is unknown. Colon polyps are common in adults.

What is an polyp?

An ear polyp is a benign growth on or in the ear.

How does tobacco effect your colon?

It cause colon cancer by these two causes of tobacco, 1. The inhaled or swallowed tobacco smoke carcinogens to the colon 2. The tobacco increseases the polyp size. The bigger the polyp the greater the chance of it becoming canerous. :) Hope this helps

A precancer polyp is found in colon. How long is it safe to wait before surgery to remove the precancer polyp?


What is the code for excision of anal polyp?

Need more information. Was this an endoscopic procedure, and if so, what method? (hot biopsy forceps or bipolar cautery? snare technique?) Also, was it one polyp, or multiple polyps?

What is the word for procedure to remove a small piece of tissue from an ulcer or polyp mass or tumor to look for abnormal or cancerous cells?


How big is 211.3 polyp in the ascending colon?

211.3 is not the size of your polyp. 211.3 is the ICD-9 code (the insurance identification code) for colon polyps. Talk with your health care provider so that you are clear on your situation, rather than trying to understand it based on your bill or visit summary.