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6.9 cm

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Q: How long is the average persons thumb?
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How many dips in can of chew?

Depends on the size of the persons finger and thumb, and the amount taken on each dip..aprox-18 to 20 pinches on the average.

How long does the average persons leprosy lasts?

leprosy one year 654

How long is an average persons leg in inches?

about three and a half times their face

How long are the blood vessels in the average persons circulatory system?

over 60,000 miles

What is the average caucasian persons' culture?

The average caucasians persons' culture is that they are extremely human.

Why is the thumbs never used to take a persons pulse?

Your thumb also has a pulse so you could be counting your own pulse beats per minute.

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How many inches is the average chimpanzee hand?

Chimpanzee's have hands very similar to those of humans, four long fingers and an opposable thumb. The average size of their hands are about 10 to 12 inches.

What is the average thumb size?

Most thumbs are about 2 cm in diameter and about 7cm in height.

Why the thumb never used to take person pulse?

the thumb is never used because the thumb also has its own beat, so you could potentially be counting your own beat instead of the other persons. Also if you take your own pulse by your own thumb, you may be overlapping the counting of the beat

Is your thumb an inch?

It depends on thumb size, but the adult distance from thumbnail to first thumb knuckle is about 1 inch; the thumb itself is 2-3 inches long

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