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It is recommended that refrigerated cooked ham be eaten within three to five days of purchase. If stored in the freezer, it should be consumed within one to two months.

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Q: How long is precooked ham good in refrigerater?
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How long to thaw a precooked spiral cut ham?

how to thaw a 1lbs spiral ham

Is a smoked ham precooked?

all precooked hams are labeled as precooked..just need heating... otherwise, an uncooked ham has a clear wrapping and is labeled as uncooked

At what temperature and how long should an 11 pound precooked honeyglazed spiralsliced ham be warmed?

If it were me, I'd probably heat the precooked ham at 350º for about an hour. That'd be my best guess if I didn't have the instructions from the wrapper.

How long do you heat a precooked 7 lb ham?

well, to cook a PREcooked ham you have to sit on the ham for atleast 3 days and 47 minutes although it may help if you fertilise the ham with your natural feaces, or juices (yes that includes sperm) every 15 minutes.

How long will precooked frozen ham thawed out in a refrigerator keep?

5 days

You want to smoke a 13 pound ham how long do you smoke it far?

Generally, people smoked hams for about 40 minutes per pound. However, this varies depending on the temperature at which the ham is smoked. About 230 degrees is a good temperature for a precooked ham.

What if the package on the ham does not say precooked?

Then cook it.

What oven temperature and how long to reheat a precooked 3.31 boneless ham?

at 300 to 350 is a good temp and to tell if its done u need a cooking temp taker and when u see that the ham is at 330 degrees it finish

How long do you cook a spiral precooked ham?

do not cook it is precooked. heat at 350 for 20 min/lb

How many minutes per pound do you cook a a precooked ham?

A precooked ham is already cooked and needs only to be heated to a desired temperature, if it is wanted to serve it hot. As a precooked item, it can be sliced and served cold.

What is precooked ham skin made of?

ummm... just a wild guess here: Ham skin?

What temperature do you cook a smoked ham?

though precooked, it is best when baked usually at 18 minutes per pound. it is safe to eat but would not taste as good.