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Suboxone has a very long half life in your system usually lasting about 36-48 hours. Even after this you may not feel the "full effect" (depending how long you have been taking subox and dosage you take daily) but it will def get you nodding out. Be careful, being that suboxone is an opiate blocker many people do not feel the "full" effect and do more in hopes they will, if this is the case please keep in mind it is still possible to overdose without fully feeling the effects. I have seen this happen to a friend of mine.

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The general rule of thumb is to wait 24hrs. Or as soon as you start feeling "sick". If I do opiates in the morning I wait till right before I go to bed to take my subs that way I sleep good and wake feeling Ok. Everyone is different though. If you take your subs to early and it gives you withdrawls take a little bit more of it to cancel out the opiates that are causing them. Keep up the good work.

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ok my names rich and i have ben a recovering addict for about 1 and half yrs i sumtimes have slept up by using A herion B pills, and have ben in a suboxone cilinic for about 6 months if you take a sub or ne lil piece of a sub then try to use don't its worthless and u wont get high, but if used in reverse as doing a bag bundle brick watever u use then use soboxon u can get slung into dope sickness don't do it i have its not fun, sum people have different reactions, IE my girl friend she does that all tha time but she don't get dope sick i guess it afects diff ppl in deff ways but with my 3 yrs of shooting herion i wuldnt do it

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Q: How long is it before you can do herion after you have done a suboxone?
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i am going for surgury and am on suboxone. how long before surgury do i need to stop taking it if at all?

How long before your system is clean once you start suboxone?

72 hrs

How long to wait before smoking after taking a suboxone film?

15 minutes

How long does it take for suboxone to get out of your system before a vicondin will work?

defeats the purpose but, if your on suboxone, you wont feel the pain killers no matter how many you take (because of the narcan), you would have to be off suboxone for 3 days at least before you can take any narcotics for pain.

How long to wait before taking suboxone after perocet relapse?

Six to eight hours! Preferably eight hours..

How long will you test positive for herion after you use it?

three days

How long should I wait to take a Suboxone after taking 7 days of Vicodins?

I guess it would be okay for you to take a vicodin after 48 hours of you not taking any suboxone. Suboxone has a long half life and that means it stays in your system for a long period of time. First of all, why would you want to only be on suboxone for a week? suboxone doesn't work in a week. And if it does work for you in a week then why would you want to touch a vicodin again??

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Drug use is life abuse!

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If you're trying to get high on suboxone after being on it to get you off opiates, you should probably go back to rehab.

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How long should you stop taking suboxone before having your blood test which does check for suboxone?

If you are taking prescribed suboxone, the doctors will expect to find suboxone or its by-products in testing. It is never a good idea to abruptly stop certain medications without guidance from your doctor. If you need specific directions about your upcoming drug test, contact your doctor or contact the lab performing the drug test.