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normally 6 months

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Q: How long is a doctor referral to a specialist good for?
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How long have to wait for tubal reversal for a doctor in Edmonton Alberta?

It took me about 6 months to get an appointment to see the specialist (can only get in with a referral) and depending on how busy the doctor another 3 - 8 months for the surgery date once everything checks out.

A long time patient comes to medical office without the necessary referral in handhow would a medical assistant handle this situation?

Are you talking about a specialist? Call the primary physician that referred the patient and ask for a referral to be faxed. Otherwise, do not see them.

Where can I go to get information for gastric bypass surgery procedures?

There is good information available at, wikipedia, and also at Your doctor or specialist in your area would also be a good source of information and/or literature on the risks, benefits, and long term effects.

What is the referral code to Beyond The Rack?

B806CC41 -Of course without a referral code, there may be a very long wait(list)

How to Choose The Right Doctor?

One of the most important things in life is health. It helps determine the quality of life a person has as well as how long it lasts. One of the keys to having good health is having a good doctor. A good doctor that provides specialized care can make the difference in a person's healthcare. Thankfully, choosing good doctor is very possible. Simply use the steps outlined below.First, you can spend some time talking with your friends and family. They can be a source of valuable information. This is because you know these people can be trusted. They are likely to give you a number of recommendations for good doctors they have went to.Secondly, you should try the phone book. If you were given the name of a good doctor, you can use the phone book to locate his or her office and other contact information. You can also use the phone book to find new candidates. Under the section entitled physician there are likely to be many doctors listed by specialty.The internet can also be a great tool. If you already have the name of a doctor, you can use the internet to quickly find his or her contact information. Certain doctors even have websites. Such a website is likely to list a physician's qualifications. You can use this information to help narrow your search.You may also need to find a doctor that can provide you with specialized care. If this is the case, one of the best ways to find such a doctor is by asking for a referral. Ask your family doctor for such a referral. You are likely to receive the names of a few highly qualified physicians.However, you may need to be careful about the specialist you choose. Not every health insurance plan will cover every specialist. Check your insurance policy closely for this information. You don't want to have to pay a lot of money because your insurance won't pay for the care. If you need an alternative, contact a representative from your health insurance company. That representative should be able to give you a highly qualified alternative.

How long must you go to school in order to become a doctor?

Becoming a doctor requires a great amount of dedication and time. It can vary from as little as right years up to twelve or more for becoming a specialist. It is a serious commitment for sure!

How long after cateract surgery can you fly?

ussually it is six months. but you should ask your family doctor, or if you have a specialist taking care of you ask him. but ussuakky its six months or so. tryin2help:D

How long are prescriptions good for?

usually good for about a year it was perscribed to you

How long does one have if diallias machine does not work?

That depends on the individual's rate of metabolism, and how much remainingkidney function he has. Only a doctor can tell ... usually a renal specialist ...based on tests of the patient's blood.

Can you carry an Epi Pin in carry on an airplane?

Yes - as long as you have a letter from your doctor or even better, from your treating specialist, stating that it is essential for you to have it in your possession at all times to prevent a life threatening event.

If you found a lump above your ear and it's painful off and on inside the ear and also around the temple any idea's or any idea's of what type of Dr you should see?

I don't know how long ago this question was posted, but, if you're ever unsure about what doctor to see, just see a GP (general practice) or internist. Some insurance companies require your regular doctor to referral to a specialist, anyway. Plus, while you're reading this, is a good idea to make a regular practice of seeing a doctor, then they might be able to answer concerns over the phone, and they'll certainly be able to answer any questions you have. Best guess, they'll be able to run tests themselves. Not a medical professional, but something in the ear, temple, and above the ear is probably dermatological.

What college can you go to become a doctor?

Any as long as it has the right course to become a doctor; if you are going to become a doctor you need to get into med school however, you do need good grades to get in .