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how long has archaebacteria been on earth? how long has archaebacteria been on earth?

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6 billion years

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Q: How long has archaebacteria been on earth?
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Which domain consists of prokaryotic organisms that thrive in earth's harshest environments?

The answer is Archaea trust me i have been looking it up

Did archaebacteria play any role in the development of earth in the very beginning?

According to the books archaebacteria was thought to be the first living being existing when the earth was cooling down initially. they were the methanogenic, thermophillic and most chiefly were anaerobic. Would these characteristics have been helped the earth to create its present environment?

What was the archaebacteria contribution to life on earth?

their contribution on earth was to keep earth clean in a way.

Are archaebacteria simple or complex?

Archaebacteria are some of the oldest organisms living on Earth. They are considered simple because of their external body structure.

Where on Earth would you find Archaebacteria?

If you've ever been to Yellowstone national park in Utah, you've seen Archaebacteria, mostly in the boiling water and mud-pots. They enjoy (by which I mean survive) extremely hot, sulfuric, moist areas.

How long have mice been on this earth?

they have been on the earth for along time

What are characteristics of archaebacteria?

Archaebacteria are unicellular prokaryotes that are the oldest living organisms on Earth. Some characteristics include survival in oxygen-free environments, being extremophiles and reproduction is asexual.

How long has wood been on earth?

forever it was on earth when the earth was made

How long have frogs been on the earth?

They have been on earth since 190 million years ago.

How long has the surface on earth been changing?

for as long as it has had continents

How long have winged insects been on earth?

long time

How long has chimpanzees been on Earth?

A very long time.