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Whiplash injuries vary depending on the muscular health of the person and the region in their body that is affected. The healing process can take between a week to 6 weeks, depending on the severity and often the method of healing chosen.

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Q: How long does it usurally take to recover from a whiplash injury?
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Can disc osteophytic complex be caused or aggravated by a whiplash injury?

An osteophyte complex represents evidence of arthritis; it can happen anywhere where there is a joint in the body.. but particularly (in this case) in the spine. It takes a long time of "wear & tear" to cause one to form. A whiplash injury doesn't cause one, but it can aggravate the area. You would be more apt to have pain in this area following injury.

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Most commonly, whiplash is fully healed within about six months of the incident, but about one-third of people report neck pain ten years later. A smaller fraction experience chronic pain at the site of the whiplash for the rest of their lives.

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