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A few hours

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Q: How long does it take to feel effects of medication tecta?
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How long does Tecta stay in your system?

It isn't really how long but how long the cells that produce acid can recover. That can be 2-5 days.

How long does it take to feel the effects of crack cocaine?

as soon as you ingest it.

What is lapela and is there any side effects?

Lapela is an erectile dysfunction medication similar to Viagra. It has quite a long list of possible side effects, which can be found on WebMD.

Can you give your dog prednisone over a long period of time?

When giving Prednisone to your dog they have to slowly be taken off of the medication. Do not abruptly stop giving this medication to your pet as it will have serious side effects.

How long does it take to feel the effects of shrooms?

It generally takes fifteen minutes to an hour to feel the effects of ingested magic mushrooms. The time until effects are experienced depends on factors such as the dosage and whether or not the mushrooms were taken with food.

How long does Vyvanse work?

It will take a different amount of time for different individuals to titrate up to the proper dosing to specific situations that the drug is being used for. You will feel immediate effects from the drug......however it took me a solid 10-14 days to controll the proper dose. This did work.......but seemed to lose its properties through continues use. Very little Side effects.

How long is Celebrex good for after expiration date?

It is never advisable to take medication after its expiration date. The medication may no longer be effective, or you may experience side effects. If in doubt about medication, speak to your doctor or pharmacist or contact the company that produces it.

How long can you have side effects after stopping a drug?

Some side effects you may notice within a day or two of starting a medication. Some, however, take months to show up. It depends on the medication, your system, and the particular side effect.

How long does it take for you to feel the effects of ecstasy once ingested by mouth?

20-30 minutes

What is the long-term effect of being medicated for ADD?

It depends on the medication given. Go onto: Type in: Long term side effects of _______________(and put the name of the drug in.)

Still having depression while taking Effexor?

It depends how long you take your medication. Normally it takes several weeks until you can feel the benfit of the medication. If you take it longer, than you should go and see the doc. Maybe you need another kind of medication.

Pet Medications?

When you get a pet, you have a life long friend. Over the years you and your pet spend together, he or she may become ill and need short term, or long term, medication. This medication, just like yours, will come with specific directions.It is important to remember that even though your pet's medication may come in a form similar to yours, you should never substitute your medication in place of your pet's. In most cases, you can have your pet's medication filled at the same pharmacy that you get your medication filled at. Other medication will be given to you at the office where your pet was seen. However, it will be specifically chosen for your pets weight and breed.Like with humans, you should give the medication as directed and never double up doses if you were not instructed to do so by your vet. Giving your pet too much medication can result in overdose and make them seriously ill. Pay very close attention when your pet first starts taking a new medication for side effects or adverse reactions. An adverse reaction is any reaction that your pets doctor did not expect to happen or was not an indicated side effect noted in the information given by the pharmacy.If there are side effects that are severe, you should discontinue the medication and call the vet as soon as possible. If the side effects are anything that you feel threatens your pet's life, or makes him seriously ill you should go to the nearest animal hospital as soon as possible.Your pet may have an adjustment period, just as you would with a new medication. They may be drowsy or feel lazy until the medication is in their system enough to work, this may take a few days or up to a week. Once the medication is at a stable level in your pets system, they should be feeling better and should be back to their happy go lucky self.If the medication is not working the way the physician expected, they may have to try a different medication. Just rest assured that they will find the medication that works best for your pet.