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My Rottweiler puppy just took her third dose of Panacur today. She had eggs come out on day one. Her bowels changed from a yellow color to a reddish color. Day two, she actually had a small amount of roundworms to come out in her feces. This morning on day 3, she had actual worms come out. Lots of them! Some of them were still moving! So nasty! I don't ever want spagetti again! So far though, she has not passed anymore worms. I'm not sure if they're gone yet or not, I should be able to tell in the morning. The vet also prescribed her a worm pill that she has to take every month, starting tomorrow to keep the worms from recurring. My advice to anyone that has an indoor pet that is infected with worms, mop your floors with a bleach solution DAILY and anywhere they deficate on carpet, clean it immediately and use a really good cleaner like Clorox to disinfect any parasites. Humans can just walk across a floor where an animal has messed and the parasites can come through your skin! Scary stuff especially if you have children or other animals in the home as well.

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Q: How long does it take panacur to work?
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