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10000 hours

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Q: How long does it take for lo ovral to work?
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How long after stopping lo Ovral is it out of your system?

About a month

Is the pill loestrin and tri-lo-sprintec the same?

No, LoEstrin has different progestin than TriSprintec. (Tri Lo-Sprintec is no longer on the market.)

What is a replacement pill for lo- ovral?

Given the nationwide shortages of Lo-Ovral, Low-Ogestrel, and other generics, it's hard to find an exact match. I've been changing patients to Junel 1.5/30. Talk to your health care provider about alternatives. Hopefully the shortage will be over soon - rumors say it'll be under control in October 2012.

What birth control pills begin with the letter L?

Loestrin is a birth control pill. It also is used to treat severe acne.

What are some Oral contraceptives?

Some commonly used brands are Demulen, Desogen, Loestrin, Lo/Ovral, Nordette, Ortho-Novum, Ortho-Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep, Orthocept, Alesse, Levlite and Ovcon

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