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It depends on how you treat your hair. But it usually takes 3 weeks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The average rate of hair growth is 1/2 an inch a month (6 inches a year). Your hair is always growing. Growth rate can increase or decrease depending on your genetics, diet, and some other factors. How you take care of your hair determins how much of this growth you actually see. Damaged hair that breaks off as fast as it grows will see no change in length. Despite the fact that it IS growing.

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Q: How long does it take for a black person hair to grow?
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How long does a black person hair grow in a month?

4 times

How long does a black girl grow her hair?

some black girls just weave their hair in so they can fit in

How long does it take for a boys hair to grow back?

It depends on the person

How long does it take to grow hair long from a short hairstyle?

well it depends from person to person. on average, hair grows approx. 6 inches a year.

How come a white person's hair grows faster than a black person's hair.?

I don't think that's true. Typically a white person's hair is straighter than a black person's hair so the change in length is more obvious when it's growing out. Also, black peoples' hair is thicker, so growing it may take more time. It doesn't. All people's hair gets to a certain point when it stops growing at a certain length. A white person can have hair past their shoulders, and a black person can grow hair upwards of more than a foot long.

How long can a black girl hair grow?

It depends on the teminal length (Which counts for all races) If a black person can't get their hair past shoulder length but they have a potential of waistlength it means they are not tking proper care of their hair. Websites can aid girls who don't know how to take care of their hair

What can make black people hair grow long?

The natural processes in their bodies, just like everyone else.

How long can the hair around your anus grow?

Varies person to person, some can get to an inch, inch and a half.

How long to grow hair to get this style?

it depends on how long it takes your hair to grow

How long does a girls hair grow?

The growth rate of a girls hair varies from one person to the other. The length of the hair can be as long as one wishes and is based on the interest of the girl.

Have super blond hair and need a gothic hairstyle please?

Dye your hair black, grow it really long, and cut it w/a knife.

How long can your hair grow up to?

It actually varies depending on the person. Genetics are involved. For example, my friend has been trying to grow her hair long but it doesn't seem to want to go further than her shoulders.