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Landfill sites are planned never to be used again (by government's because of the hazards involved.

For example: The rotting waste often contains toxic or harmful chemicals (although it should not) which could pose a health hazard to anyone living too near. It would not be appropriate to build a property, especially one with a garden, on such a site.

Another reason is that the decomposing waste uses up less space in the ground each year, it both compresses and loses some of its mass as methane gas. If a car or other heavy object passed over the site it could easily break through the soft ground, falling in to the hole that is left. If the air in the hole was more than about 50% methane, then anyone who landed in it would suffocate. There are other more obvious heath risks, such as broken glass, so these sites are kept with no possible plan for future use.

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Q: How long does it take before a landfill site can be used again?
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