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Nothing recovers your lungs whatever you have or have not quit

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Q: How long does it recover my lungs when i quit for 6 months?
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How does tar in cigarettes get on your lungs?

your lungs. quit smoking.. very bad for you.

What do you call it when your lungs quit working?


Why do lungs quit working after surgery?


Can your lungs heal if you quit smoking?

Yes, indeed.

Can your lungs heal if you start smoking when you are young?

From the moment you quit smoking, you will begin to heal it takes about 1 year to clear your lungs out, and by year 3 or your quit lungs are perfectly healthy. Provided you didn't quit at the beginning of lung cancer. It is always a good practice to go to the doctor when starting your quit, and follow up to see improvements.

How long do you have to wait until you can reapply at UPS i used to work there but i quit and want to reapply?

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Do your lungs regenerate when you quit smoking?

Yes. In most of the cases, your lungs regenerate to almost original form.

What if I quit smoking 6 months ago and still no coughing?

Count yourself lucky. Not everyone who quits has the coughing episodes. Yeah Lucky You! I Quite For 2days And Was Coughin My Lungs Up!

How do you prevent my lungs to be weak even if i smoke?

Quit smoking.

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he has but he quit wwe so no more husky harris sorry

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How long to clear mucus out of lungs after quit smoking?

Smoking suppresses the action of the mechanisms that normally rid the lungs of mucous, and a lot of garbage builds up in there. Getting rid of it after quitting is normal and no cause for alarm. It's just your lungs doing the job of cleaning they were not allowed to do previously due to the effects of smoking.