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Q: How long does fever last in pneumonia after taking azithromycin?
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How long Does fever blisters last?

A fever blister will last about 2 weeks.

What is a good sentence fot the word pneumonia?

Pneumonia often kills babies and the elderly. I had pneumonia last winter. Pneumonia made me cough and I couldn't breathe well.

How do you use fever in a sentence?

i have fever last night

How long does it last pneumonia in dogs?


What are some pneumonia symptoms?

well im not a doctor but when i had pneumonia last year i had a really bad cough and chest pain and count breath, i also had a fever. go see a doctor, cuz i didnt for the longest time cuz i thought it was just the flew or something and it spread to both my lungs and i was in the hospital for a month. hope this helped kinda.

Left lobe pneumonia how long does it last?

Your recovery is going to mostly depend on your taking the medication prescribed for you and getting all of the rest that is recommended. Really, there is no shortcut. You have to give your body time to recover.

What kind of sickness does Johnsy have from the story the last leaf?


Do streptococcus pneumonia move?

your mom moved it last night

How long does glandular fever last?

Glandular Fever lasts for up to 7 weeks but the extreme tiredness can last for several months.

Can you get Swine Flu if you come in contact with someone who had Swine Flu?

Not if they are no longer infected. If you are in contact with them after they had the flu but it has been a full 24 hours since they last had a fever without taking fever-reducing medicine, then they should no longer be able to pass the flu virus to you.

What is the predicate in the sentence you had a slight fever last night?

last night

What is the mortality of lassa fever?

One in 100 patients with Lassa Fever die. 80% of pregnant women in the last trimester with Lassa Fever die.