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It will last as long as the bottle holds up.

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Q: How long does distilled water last in a bottle?
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How long does a water bottle last in landfill?

It takes 1,000 years for the typical plastic water bottle to degrade in a landfill.

Is unopened expired distilled water safe?

Almost certainly, yes. The idea of an "expiration date" for distilled water is a joke by the bottler designed to trick you into buying fresh water when yours is "expired". As long as the bottle is still sealed, it's perfectly safe.

How long does Hard last?

Distilled spirits (liquor) last indefinitely.

How long does antifreeze last?

Modern coolants last a long time. I would however drain and replace the coolant every 5 years. Be sure and create a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. Do not use tap water.

How long will an opened bottle of gin and vodka last?

Stored on it's side the alcohol will leach from the bottles closure and only store a few year's. Stored upright a bottle of gin (as any distilled spirit) will last indefinitely. This is because the contents are essentially dead and no more improvements occur with ageing.

Can rusting happen in distilled water give reason?

yes if you leave it too long the thing its in will rust up and it will get mouldy. Metal rusts in water and distilled water is still water.

Can a plant grow in salt water or distilled water?

Some plants do benifit from salt in the water but you can experiment with distilled water for your plants.

Can you put water in your ford focus radiator?

Yes. as long as it is distilled water tough.

How long does a bottle of scotch last unopened?

.Who is with you?

How your bottle keeps water cool for a long time?

just get a vacuum water bottle !!! cheers >.<

How long will a bottle of chardonnay last after opened?

About a week.

How long is monavie good for?

If you open the bottle, you need to keep it refrigerated and it will last for a month. If it is an unopened bottle it should last for about a year :)