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The cold shoulder is not an actual health problem. It refers to a person who is completely ignoring another person because they are mad at them. Usually, this lasts until the offending person apologizes to the person who is ignoring them.

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Q: How long does cold shoulder last?
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What is the last word in 'she ignored you and gave you the cold -'?

It's "gave you the cold shoulder."

What is a cold sholder?

A cold shoulder has several meanings. If someone says someone is giving them the "cold shoulder", they mean that person is being rude, hasty, and cranky towards them. A cold shoulder could also mean that someone has a cold shoulder. Their shoulder is really chilly, and they would like a blanket.

What is a sentence for the term cold-shoulder?

This is an idiom meaning someone rudely and pointedly ignored you. Here are some sentences.After I accidentally told her secret, she gave me the cold shoulder whenever she saw me.I gave him the cold shoulder when he tried to pick me up at the bar.Wow, you're really giving me the cold shoulder; when are you going to forgive me?

Origin of phrase cold shoulder?

in the bed: a lover turns away from her partner, exposing a "cold" shoulder

How do you stop the cold shoulder from a brother?

ask him why he keeps giving you the cold shoulder, give him your opinion and thoughts on this.

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