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Q: How long does abstinence last?
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How can you use abstinence in a sentence?

Example : Maria and her friends are practicing abstinence. They think abstinence is the key.

What happens to a broken hymen after a long period of abstinence?

It grows back! Then you get the pleasure of popping it again!

When was The Abstinence created?

The Abstinence was created on 1996-11-21.

Abstinence in a sentence?

The best form of birth control in abstinence.

What is an abstinence of war?

An abstinence of war is an obsolete phrase for a truce.

Is abstinence a pill?

No, abstinence mean you are abstaining from sex. You have no sex at all.

How many pages does The Abstinence Teacher have?

The Abstinence Teacher has 358 pages.

How do you spell abstinence?

That is the correct spelling of the word "abstinence" (abstaining, avoiding).

If you were a teacher what would your opinion be on abstinence?

if u were a teacher what would your opinion be about abstinence?

When was The Abstinence Teacher created?

The Abstinence Teacher was created on 2007-10-16.

Use the word abstinence in a sentence?

The engaged couple practiced abstinence before the were married.

Write a sentence using the word abstinence?

The best form of birth control is abstinence.