How long does a malunggay grow?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: How long does a malunggay grow?
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What malunggay plants did not grow?

Malunggay plants may not grow if they are planted in poor-quality soil, experience waterlogging, have insufficient sunlight, or suffer from pests and diseases. Adequate care and suitable growing conditions, such as well-draining soil, regular watering, sunlight, and pest control, are essential for malunggay plants to thrive and grow successfully.

What season does malunggay grow?

Malunggay can grow in any season, as it is a hardy tree that can thrive in various climates and conditions. However, it typically grows best in warm temperatures with plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil.

Ways in preserving malunggay?

what are the foods that we can get from malunggay? what are the foods that we can get from malunggay?

What is Tagalog of malunggay leaves?

In Tagalog, malunggay leaves are called "dahon ng malunggay."

What is the introduction of malunggay?

What is the introduction of Malunggay?

What are the nutrition of the malunggay stem?

malunggay stem

What is in malunggay?

Moringga is the English term or malunggay.

How do you make a Malunggay an Ointment?

to do malunggay ointment just chop malunggay....and then pure it thats all :p....

Scope and delimitation of malunggay?

- Malunggay Disinfectant - Malunggay as Regualar Cooking Oil - Malunggay as Cleaning Agent - Malunggay as Ointment - Malunggay as Shampoo - Malunggay as Herbal Tea - Malunggay as Rice Coffee there are many possible investigatory projects.

Uses of malunggay?

what is uses of malunggay

What is the size of malunggay leaves?

nutrition value of malunggay

How the malunggay make a shampoo and soap?

how to make malunggay soap?