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Q: How long does a bottle of silver nitrate applicators last once it is opened?
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Why you protect silver nitrate from light?

Keep silver nitrate in brown bottles and/or cover the bottle with aluminium foil. This will prevent the decomposition of silver nitrate from light.

Why is bench silver nitrate stored n a brown bottle?

Silver nitrate is slightly photosensitive. In order to prevent it from under going decomposition or maintain its self properties it is stored in brown bottles.

Is silver nitrate a metal or nonmetal?

Silver nitrate is a compound. It consists of the metal silver and the compound nitrate. Nitrate consists of nitrogen and oxygen.

Why Silver nitrate kept in Coloured bottles?

Because even though silver halides are way more photosensitive, silver nitrate is a bit, and storing in a bottle which lets the light pass through freely would affect it shelf life.

Why is silver nitrate solution unstable?

Well, AgNo3(silver nitrate) can only be stable if stored under dark condition i.e in a dark or amber bottle on the other hand if exposed, it reacts readily with light

How is silver nitrate disposed of?

how is silver nitrate disposed of

Is silver salts same as silver nitrate?

Silver nitrate (AgNO3) is a silver salt.

What is chemical symbol for silver nitrate?

Silver nitrate = AgNO3

What is chlorine tested for?

It is tested for silver nitrate sometime. It is tested for silver nitrate sometime. It is tested for silver nitrate sometime.

What is the precipitate formed from Silver Nitrate and Lead Nitrate?

Silver nitrate and lead nitrate do not react, so there would be no precipitate.

What ionic compound is AgNO3?

Can't say, since "o" is not an element. However: Ag3N is Silver Nitride AgNO2 - Silver Nitrite AgNO3 - Silver Nitrate

What elements made silver nitrate?

Silver nitrate consists of silver, nitrogen, and oxygen.