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If you are doing the piercing yourself at home and want to know how long to keep the ice on it, it really depends on you. It is usually safe after having it on your ear for around 2 minutes. But is you fell you're ready before the 2 min. is up you should go for it.

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Q: How long do you have to keep the ice on your ear to get it numb?
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How long should you put ice to numb your cartilage so then u can pierce it?

You should keep the ice on your ear for 4 minutes

How long does it take to your ear is numb?

Wrap ice cubes or an ice pack in a piece of cloth, hold it to your ear for 5 minutes and remove. Gently poke your ear after a few seconds, and see if you can feel your nail. If you can, reapply the ice package for a further 2 minutes and check again. Once it is done, leave your ear alone.

What do you do after a bee stings your ear?

wait for the swelling to go down. Or put some ice on it to numb it if it hurts that much.

Why does ice make you numb?

Ice makes you Numb because it freezes the nerve endings not allowing you to feel.

How do you write a sentence with the word numb in it?

My thumb feels numb from the ice water it was in.

How long can sandwiches keep on dry ice?

As long as the ice melts.

Do they numb tongues before peircing?

A tip is to suck on ice for an hour before the piercing, it will help to numb it.

How do you numb your penis?

If you put ice on it for a certain amount of time then your penis will turn numb.

How do you make your hand numb?

Place it in ice.

What happens when you put ice on your nipples For a long time?

Your nipple becomes numb. and someone will come up to you and lick it off.

How do you make someone numb?

Well.... to make something numb..... you could place ice on the spot where you want to numb them or take them to a clinic to take an injection.

How long does the pain in your ears last after a tonsillectomy?

Yes. The ice cream will numb the pain. It only hurts for a couple of days.