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You cannot eat or drink anything for 8 to 10 hours before having a folate blood test. This test is done to check for anemia, malnutrition, and to ensure birth defects do not happen to a fetus.

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Q: How long do you have to fast before a folate blood test?
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How long do you fast before having blood drawn?

It rather depends on why blood is being drawn?

How long do you fast before a lipids blood test?

Twelve hours, according to my cardiologist.

How long to Fast before cholesterol blood test?

At least 12 hours before getting your blood taken. It is ok to have small sips of water

How long must you fast before a blood test?

10 years, no big deal at all

How long must one fast before a blood test for Lipitor side effects om liver?

It is generally recommended to fast for at least 8-12 hours before a lipid panel blood test, including tests to check for Lipitor side effects on the liver. However, it is best to follow the specific fasting instructions provided by your healthcare provider or the lab conducting the test.

How long do you fast before giving blood?

Fourteen (14) hours is best for typical blood work.Consider not eating after supper, then skipping breakfast. Often that approaches 14 hours.Keep drinking water during this period as it keeps the blood volume high and makes the vein easier to access.

Does drinking herbal tea affect a fast before blood work?

As long as you don't put sugar or honey in it it'll be ok

How long do you fast for a fasting blood test for metabolic functions?

that depends how fast you can fast when fasting for a fasting blood test for metabolic functions.

How long can you have a blood clot before you know so?

how long can u have a blood clot before u know u have it

Can you fast to long prior to blood draw?

Yes,Body will be to weak.

How long to fast before a liver ultrasound?


How long should I fast for a tsh blood test?

No. Fasting is only required for lab tests which examine lipids, sugars (blood glucose, glycohemoglobin, etc.) and amino acids.