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in High school onward It depends on how long that person loves you and how long they want to be together. in middle school they dont even mean anything and might last a few months at the most, your better off waiting

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Q: How long do middle school relationships last?
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How long do relationships last when your in grade 7?

It depends on the compatibility level but mot middle school relationships last less than a week

Is it right for a 6th grader to have a 7th grade girlfriend?

Middle school relationships don't last very long so it doesn't really matter.

How many high school relationships actually last past high school?

It's difficult to provide an exact percentage, as the longevity of high school relationships can vary greatly. Many high school relationships do not last beyond high school due to a variety of factors such as distance, changing priorities, and personal growth. However, some high school relationships do continue and evolve into long-lasting partnerships.

How long will naval military relationships last?

Nobody can say for sure how long naval military relationships will last. Long distance relationships, as with any relationship, require commitment and effort on both sides.

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Relationships tend not to last long in middle/high school.Also try hanging out with them

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I am young and my boyfriend is in the navy will it last?

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