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I've owned a snow cone stand for a little over three years now. The shelf-life of syrups can vary greatly. I use a powdered concentrate flavor and add sugar and water to mix my flavors. Some factors that can add to the length of shelf life of the syrup are:

1. How old is the flavor powder?

2. Are you using quality sugar?

3. Are you storing it in an airtight container?

4. Is the flavor sitting in direct sunlight?

I have had flavors last for up to 6 months before going bad and as little as one month. Flavors may last longer than 6 months. If they expire before a couple of months, there was likely a problem with the flavoring or sugar to begin with. You should always check flavors for odd smell or taste before using them and don't be afraid to pour them out if something is wrong.

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Q: How long can you store snow cone syrup?
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