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Anywhere between 1-3 months.

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Q: How long can you live on fat reserves?
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How do you stay so long without eating?

your body uses the fat reserves for energy.

How are humpbacks similar to bears in their feeding habits?

Both species don't eat and live off their fat reserves during the winter

Energy reserves are stored in the skin as?

fat cells

What is your body's main energy reserve?

Its fat reserves.

How long can a person live with 0 percent body fat?

not long

Do camels hump store water?

No. These are fat reserves only.

Does fat metabolism occur before the creatine phosphate reserves are depleted?


What is the connective tissue that fat reserves and provides insulation called?


What is the connective tissue stores fat reserves and provides insulation called?


How long can a camel live off the fat in his hump for?

200 days

Did Cherokees live peacefully in the Indian reserves?


How long to coal reserves last?

Coal reserves can last for up to 300 years