How long can someone burp?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Burping seldom lasts for more than a few seconds, but there is no specific time limit. You burp until the excess gas is expelled.

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Q: How long can someone burp?
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How long does it take to burp 410 burps?

Depends on how fast you burp.

Do cats burp?

i think they do because i asked someone and they said all animals burp and he said all animals fart,too, but kangaroos do don't

How loud can someone burp?

Real loud,I am not kidding!Some can burp louder than a lion's hes exagerating its louder than an explosion

How long is the worlds longest burp?

about 36 seconds.

Is is normal to like it when girls burp?

When young (even some adults can find it amusing) for someone to burp (belch) they find it entertaining. Sometimes people may unexpectedly burp and surprise themselves, so no, it's not abnormal to get a good laugh out of yourself or someone that accidentally burps. However, if you like it for constant entertainment then it's abnormal.

How long should you burp a baby?

Well it depends on how much you fed your baby

Can toads burp?

Can somone answer this question please? Long time that this question is here!

What to do if someone ingests vinegar and baking soda?

These are not toxic substances, but they will generate gas. Let this person burp.

Do goats burp?

do goats burp

Why can you not burp?

Sometimes you can't burp because you never did something to do something to burp. If you would like to burp try drinking coke. Could be any any coke. The normal coca cola, diet coke you name it! If it doesn't work try to ask questions on how to burp in lots of different ways. For example How to burp? Or How can I burp? Or How do you burp?

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp, as you are burping make your mouth move as if you were saying a letter

How old do you have to be to burp?

You burp right from the start.