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If properly hydrated, a healthy male can survive for about 3 weeks without any food.

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no. Doctors commonly cite 4 to 6 weeeks without food. Although it can vary depending on different factors

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Q: How long can a man survive without food?
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How long can a man survive no water?

a man can not survive for a week without water

How long can average man survive in the Sahara Desert?

With sufficient water and food a person could survive indefinitely. Without water, just 2-3 days in the summer months.

Given air food water heat could man survive without the sun?

food. heat and atmosphere would then be consumables. Yes, you could survive until out of these.

What is the conflict for The Hunger Game?

Man vs. Man or Man vs. Nature. All the tributes are trying to survive. Without killing another person, or without being able to withstand the conditions of the Hunger Games, you would not survive long.

How long can man live without bees?

Albert Einstein said that, if bees disappeared man would only survive for 4 years.

How man can survive in water without oxygen?

They can't survive without oxygen but they can survive with an oxygen mask that scuba divers use and with supply of oxygen of course .

How long can humans survive without food?

A normal healthy human can survive for approximately a month without food with no long term serious side effects.around 2 weeksThe average human can last up to 7 weeks on a diet of just water during the day and vitamin tablets in the morning without consuming any food. However those who are overweight can last longer, for eample someone whom is morbidly obese can last up to 13 weeks.

Can a man live without water for a year?

A man cannot live without water for a year, but can live without solid food for long periods, under extreme circumstances or medical control.

How many days man lives without food?

I think it is about ywo weeks a man can live without food.

How long can a man survive?

This can variate;it can be above 100

How many days can man survive without water?

2 days

Can a human survive 3 days with no food?

The longest time a male has survived without food or water is 42 days and was later rescued.The man was in a forest and became trapped in a cave by the cause of a rock fall.