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A human can go up to a month without food. The body cannot go very long without water. A human can only live up to a week without water.

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I'm not completely sure, but you probably couldn't live on only water because you will need to eat. I believe you can go about 72 hours without food...

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It depends on the conditions in the environment. On very hot days, the time is shorter. But 100 hours in temperate temperatures is about as long as possible.

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Till he dies

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3 Days

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Q: How long can a human survive on just water?
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How long do Humans survive in water?

The average human can survive under water for approximately 5 minutes but no more then 10.

How long can a human survive without being deprived without fresh water?

A human can only survive 1 week without water, and 2 weeks without food

How to see how long can a human survive without water?

A week two at the most.

How long can jungles live?

a human can survive in jungle about 4 weeks if you have alot of water you can survive about 7 weeks.

How long can a human survive with food or water?

With food and water, only sickness or injury will stop you from reaching your natural Life.

How long human survive only with water?

SURVIVAL TIMES: no air = 3 minutes no water = 3 days no food = 3 weeks

How long can a tortoise survive without water?

No, they require water to live -- just like you & me.

How long can a man survive no water?

a man can not survive for a week without water

How long can an average human survive without water?

no longer than five days if they are not getting any other type of liquid

Are human beings mammals or anphibian?

We have body hair and can survive for long durations away from water. Safe to say we're mammals.

How long can average man survive in the Sahara Desert?

With sufficient water and food a person could survive indefinitely. Without water, just 2-3 days in the summer months.

If a person is drinking apple juice but not eating food how long can you live?

A person can only survive about a week because every human need water to survive