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So just a general question. I try to stay healthy for the most part, but I do love fast food. I've cut down fast food to the weekends, and typically eat a vegetarian + lean meats (like twice in the week) diet Monday to Friday and workout 4 days of the week. I came back from a blood test and my Triglycerides is 74, HDL 54, and LDL is 144 (doctor says it's close to high). I took the blood test on a Thursday, and being honest with my doctor, I told him I binged a lot more than usual the Fri-Sun prior to the test, and didn't exercise because I felt bummed that I have to take surgery soon. I guess I adopted the I don't care attitude after hearing that. He explained that cholesterol is affected later than other things like blood sugar and that might have been the culprit for why it was so high 4 days later. After the results I've been stressing the numbers and back on my exercise and healthy eating routine, but just wondering if this would make sense?

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Q: How long before LDL is affected?
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How long does bad LDL cholesterol stay in you system?

ldl (low density lipid) is bad cholestrol.

What does it mean if you have high LDL-P?

LDL-P stands for 'LDL-Particles' (as opposed to LDL-C which is LDL-Cholesterol). It's measured with a blood test commonly called "the particle test", and your LDL-P tells you the number of LDL particles in your blood. Usually LDL-P is measured along with LDL-C to obtain a more complete, detailed measure of cardiovascular risk - some doctors believe that particle levels as well as total cholesterol matter. Treatment strategies differ depending on the relationship between LDL-P and LDL-C, so there's not a 'cut and dried' target number for LDL-P (as there is for LDL-C).

what the normol of hdl and ldl?

what the normol hsl and ldl?

What is ldl?

LDL is the bad cholesterol. LDL stands for low density lipoprotein cholesterol. LDL is produced in the liver and carries antioxidants and amino acids to other cells.

Is an LDL cholesterol reading of 148 anything to worry about?

ldl normal value 100 to 120 then it is high levle ldl

Is ldl cholesterol in chicken?

Ldl is cholesterol, and can be found in chicken skin.

What does the medical abbreviation LDL mean?

LDL means low density lipoprotein.

How is 125 ldl?

125 LDL is basically means you have an elevated amount of cholesterol in your body.

What is LDL pattern b type?

Small, dense LDL particles. Type A LDL particles are larger, don't embed in the lining of the arteries. Type B will embed.

What is different between hdl and ldl cholesterol?

HDL= Good Cholesterol, LDL = Bad Cholesterol

What is hdl and ldl?

HDL is high density lipoprotein , Whilst LDL is low density lipoprotein .

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