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Short answer: Forever. Long answer: About 3 weeks. After you come home from the tattoo parlor, remove the bandage and wash it with an anti-bacterial soap. Pat dry with a clean (preferably sterile) cloth. Then proceed to apply a high quality color and fragrance free lotion. You should do this about two-three times daily for about two weeks, and then about once a day for an additional week. By then your tattoo should be healed and not require lotion. However, tattoos generally visually "pop" a little more when lotion is applied, so I apply lotion on them every day, and sunblock when appropriate.

Actually, you're not supposed to use lotion while it's "healing". So for the first few days, use some ointment, but not Neosporin or anything like that. Just like A&D or even Vaseline I think.

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Q: How long after tattoo do you continue to put cream on?
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