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Here's the deal. I have been on Antabuse for several months. Today, I started drinking just to see how it affects me. I have been off Antabuse for 2 days. I was curious about your question, so, drank 1/5 of Jameson and 2 shots of Jagermeister. No problems whatsoever. No headaches, backaches, vomiting, dizzyness, etc. It has been a little over 6 hours and I have not had any problems. I'm drunk, but beyond that, it seems like the community wants us to believe that it will cause problems. They said it would be 2 weeks to get off. Clearly, they were lying. Antabuse causes problems after a day or so but after that, it's BS. It's obviously hype. It's just a lame reason not to drink. I am much happier off of the drug.

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Q: How long after stopping Antabuse can you drink?
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Will you get sick if you drink three days after taking antabuse?


How long after stopping naproxen can you drink alcohol?

5 days after

If you only took 4 antabuse pills 250mg each every other day and stopped 7 days ago is it safe to have a few beers?

No. They will trigger your alcoholism, and you will end up back where you were before you started treatment.

Is it safe to drink alcohol when you are taking campral?

Perfectly safe, but why bother taking it at all if it's not working and you still want to drink? Get some antabuse.

How long do reaction after alcohol antabuse mix what should you take?

Alcohol/antabuse reactions can be fatal. We will not provide information that could be used in potentially fatal activities.

Can activated charcoal absorb antabuse out of the body?

Yes. Just drink the AC half hour or before you take the evil antabuse. Just remember the AC will affect prescription medications. Wait about 2 hours befire ir after taking meds. or supplelements.

How do you spell antabuse?

The spelling "Antabuse" is a trademark name for an anti-addiction drug disulfiram.

How do you get antabuse out of your system?

Sober up and stop taking it. If your on antabuse it's for a really good reason.

Can penguins drink milk?

No ones stopping them from drinking anything

Can you drink Coca-Cola after you have drank milk?

Sure you can what stopping you

Where can one find information about Antabuse?

Antabuse is an anti-alcohol drug to help people who have alcohol addiction problems. One can find more information about the side effects, interactions, and uses for Antabuse on Web MD's official website.

How can you take antabuse and still drink?

Some people are more resistant to the effects of antabuse than others, some cheat on their dosage, and some are willing to put up with the discomfort -- which is in proportion to how much and how rapidly you drink. This shows how powerful alcohol addiction can be, BTW.