How is your health determined?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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By your physical fitness and your eating habits. You have to be the average weight for your age/height. Also you should take in the right amount of nutrients and proteins needed to keep the body healthy.

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Q: How is your health determined?
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What is determined of health?

Factors that contribute to a person's state of health.

What is health care policy?

Health care policy encompasses almost everything in medicine that is not a physical science. It can range from individual practice and hospital management to government regulations to public health interventions. I like to think of it as the social science of medicine, based on areas of study such as economics, political science, management and demography.

How do you roll your health in diablo 2?

Your health is determined by the number of points you assign to it on the character screen.

Which of these is determined by how well you interact with the individuals and groups in your community?

social health

Determined by how you view your self and your relationships with family friends and the people you meet each day?

mental health

Who determines the standard of care for physicians and other health care professionals?

The standard of care for physicians and other health care professionals is determined by

Can you give a sentence with the word ''determined''?

The child was determined to fit all the pieces to the puzzle together. Scientists determined that second hand smoke can cause health problems in non-smokers. I determined I am not going to the party! The principal determined the child was lying. Whether or not the "person of interest" had anything to do with the murder is yet to be determined.

The health status of a population is determined by the availability of health services in society discuss?

yes and it is also determined by the area in which a population lives. for example, let's say that the availability of health services in the USA is the same as in a third world country. Both countries are getting equal treatment, but the people in the third world country are going to be sicker and have a lower health status because of where and how they live

Do wedding planners get health benefits?

Whether or not a person gets health benefits is determined by their individual employer rather than their occupation. If a wedding planner is working for themselves, they will probably have to purchase their own health insurance.

What is created when a number of people are grouped for health insurance purposes?

A risk pool is created when people are grouped together for insurance purposes. The cost of health care coverage is determined by health status, age, sex and occupation.

Is Eye color is determined by environmental factors?

no, most of the time it deppends on your health. blue eyes is a muntant gean.

What are the health laws for a apartment above a restaurant?

That would likely be determined by the local government. Check your local ordinances.